European Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Training Centre

Created end of 2013, this private centre situated in the heart of Brussels provides personalised therapeutics sessions for adults, adolescents, children, families and is a training location in CBT for professionals.

After 15 years of therapeutic practise in different locations, Valérie Duvivier, Clinical Psychologist and CBT therapist (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) wanted to create her own centre and surround herself with a collusive team of therapists who would share her work vision and passion.

It meant a lot to her that the place be warm to allow clients to feel secure to express their difficulties in total confidence. A place where clients would recharge and therapist bloom in a nice work environment.

The two offices are spacious and bright, which besides being pleasant for all, allows therapists to fully exploit all their therapeutic skills. These offices boost creativity, as well for therapists as for children and adults in an individual or group setting.

All six CBT therapists are dynamic, positive, professional people. They know each other well, collaborate, support each other during regular supervisions and share a same work vision and philosophy.

Their specialties complement each other, therefore covering a large range of difficulties.Therapies are held in different languages.

Adult therapy

Adult therapy is mostly held individually, but we also provide sessions for couples and parents. During individual therapies, the relatives (partner, children) can be invited for a couple of sessions. Co-therapy sessions can also be organised when several members are followed by therapists from the centre. Each person will then attend with his own therapist.

Children and adolescents therapy

Individual therapy with children and adolescents is always carried out in collaboration with their relatives. Usually, the first sessions are held with parents, who will be invited to collaborate in regular meetings throughout the therapy, according to needs.Therapeutic groups are organised for adolescents (in French):

  • assertivity and self-esteem groups
  • self-confidence groups to help them deal with the stress of the exams and the fear of failure.

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Family therapy

Jean-Charles Le Fèbvre provides family support for members who have a relative suffering from a psychiatric disorder (in English and Spanish)

Professional training, supervision and conferences

Professional CBT training courses (in French) and supervisions (in French and English) are held in the centre.

Valerie Duvivier provides individual and group supervisons, mostly for participants in the CBT Master organised by ULB University, Brussels. According to availabilities, supervision can also be offered to external professionals or teams and institutions. Our supervisors are accredited supervisors by the AEMTC (French-speaking CBT association in Belgium).

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Conferences for the public are organised.

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